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chocolate covered strawberriesAnother simple crafty food Christmas project that I made with my little girl yesterday night. For the 1 st of decembre I wanted to make something special with my girl to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. As it is the strawberry season here in NZ I bought fresh strawberries in Kumeu. We prepared some chocolate covered strawberries with ice cubes tray. It is pretty simple to make and really fun – well, messy too – for toddlers. I made my own sugar free chocolate following my usual recipe – check the recipe for my sugar free chocolate bar here. It is simply a mix of unsweetened cocoa powder, stevia and melted coconut oil. I thought you may like some pictures of this lovely sugar free christmas treat recipe idea. Here they are! Enjoy!

As you can see this is super easy to make but it looks beautiful. I recommend to oil the ice cube tray with a bit o melted coconut oil that you can rub onto the tray with your fingers. After pouring the chocolate into the ice cubes tray the tray must be refrigerated until the chocolate is fully set. It could take up to 3 hours depending on the thickness of your chocolate coating. Strawberries should keep fresh few days in the fridge but I am sure you will eat them within a day ! It is so simple to make that I think it is better to make them fresh only 4 hours before eating to keep a very sweet and fresh strawberry in the centre.


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