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Healthy Breakfast BowlI can not believe that is already my second Mother Day this week end! My lovely baby Emma will be 14 months within 4 days. Time is flying. I know my husband get me a surprise for Mother Day but for now (it is Saturday morning when I am writing now) I want to make sure I am having an healthy sugar free breakfast recipes tomorrow morning – a gluten free and sugar free breakfast bowl. I want to be full of energy and punch to enjoy this day with my petite family that I love so much.

DSC_0065 pic

So this is how I did this breakfast bowl. I follow the healthy rules I read in my Diabetes Diet book. I used wholegrain, seed, low carbs and fibre ingredient to keep my stomach full and my energy (Blood sugar level) steady.

DSC_0061 picmonkey

I mixed all bran, shredded coconut, oat, dried apricot, goji berries, almonds, sliced fresh banana and frozen blueberry. I did measure the ratio of each it was not really important to know how much I put of each of them. The key of success is the ingredient I chose. I eat this with trim milk and a teaspoon of Natvia (100% Natural sweetner) but you can choose almond milk for a vegan version.

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Happy Mother Day to all the mums who are reading me on this blog. Enjoy your family ! happy mother day

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