Butternut Soup

Winter goes with soup. In winter I always prepare a weekly soup. It is easy to make and it store easily 7 days in the fridge plus it is easy to rewarm for dinner. So I love having some homemade soup in the fridge as an healthy last minute dinner for those days when I…

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low carb french fries rutabaga

Low Carb French Fries

This cold and wet winter just makes me hungry and all day I dream about food. Tonight all I dream about is a giant bowl of hot and crispy French Fries. Not the thin one from the fast food shop but the thick fries that they serve at the restaurant with a lovely piece of…

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Kiwis & Coconut Smoothie Tea Cake

I am currently training for a the Auckland Half Marathon, which is a huge challenge for a beginner runner like me. This morning was my first preparation run a small 4 km run on high pace, well, this is 6min/km for me as an amateur so not so fast for some of you who may…

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Raspberry & Cream Chia Seeds Pudding

  I discovered chia seeds few years ago when I started to bake a little bit healthier and I decided to completely stop eating refined sugar. First, I was not sure about why people were so excited about it. Well, I know it is a supercharged seed rich in fibre and minerals but I did…

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Vegan Meringue with Peanut Butter ganache

To me this recipe is the most disconcerting recipe I ever made. Meringue is usually made of 2 ingredients, egg white and sugar but the recipe I am sharing today do not contains any of those! My meringue recipe is actually made of Aquafaba also called bean liquid or the liquid in which canned chickpeas…

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No-rise Seeded Whole Spelt Parmesan Braid

 I made thos lovely ‘No-rise Seeded Whole Spelt Parmesan Braid’ for my 2 years old girl tonight. She loves dipping  things in her soup, so yesterday I offered her some diced cheese and tonight I wanted something fulfilling and different. But as I am writing my cookbook right now and probably baking 2 or 3…

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