Coconut Cashew Tart Crust

coconut cashew tart crust blog

You asked me if my grain free coconut cashew cookie recipe could be used as a tart crust? Well, this is the answer it works and I love the results! What I love the most about this Coconut Cashew Tart Crust is the tenderness – not so tender that it falls apart – but it…

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paleo tortilla recipe

Paleo Tortilla

If you recently choose to enter the paleo eating trend those paleo tortilla are the one you need to make a wonderful paleo dinner.  Those paleo tortilla are thick, soft with a chewy texture similar to chinese dumpling  and can be filled with any raw vegetables of your choice.

spinach quinoa patty

Spinach Quinoa Vegetarian Patty

If you are looking for healthy lunch ideas those Spinach Quinoa Vegetarian Patty will quickly become one of your favourite vegetarian meals. You can eat them in many different ways. It makes amazing salads toppings or lovely vegetarian patties to make some fulfilling vegetarian burgers. I also keep this recipe for those days when I am looking for creative…

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Kale pizza crust

Kale Pizza Crust

When it comes to pizza we are all on the look for healthy pizza toppings ideas. But what about a pizza crust that will be healthier too ? This Kale Pizza Crust is a veggie loaded pizza crust made with healthy raw kale, eggs and cheese. A low carb pizza crust recipe for everyone looking for…

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sugar free chocolate chips cookies

Chocolate Chips Healthy Cookies

We all love a sweet and crispy chocolate chips cookies but what about easy cookies that are healthy cookies too ? It sounds unbelievable but those chocolate chips healthy cookies are really good for your body and mind! They tick all the dietary boxes dairy free cookies: yes! gluten free cookies: yes! sugar free cookies: yes! and…

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Vegetable Nuggets

I know how much you guys are waiting for this vegetables recipe! I firstly made those with a bit of grated cheese – well, I can not eat lactose but I can have cheese- but then I read all your comments on Facebook and realised that you all asked for a dairy free recipe. Sooo…

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Carrot taco shells

Those carrot taco shells are wonderful healthy taco that will boost your veggie intake while enjoying finger food. I love the idea of eating finger food that is actually good for my body. If you are looking for soft taco recipe, lower in carbs do not go further this one is for you!