Coconut Pie Crust


This Coconut Pie Crust is mainly made with coconut product including dessicated coconut, coconut oil, coconut flour. It is a very simple recipe perfect to make a sweet pie like

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Spicy Halloween cookies

orange cookies

For Halloween we are all looking for fun recipes for kids to make. But it is not because it is Halloween that we have to eat treats loaded with bad stuff. I am not against candies – on the contrary my parents own an organic candy factory and I always had candies were I was young. But lately I saw so much cheap quality Halloween treats in the supermarket that I can not buy them. So I decided to develop my own Halloween cookies recipe that will be fun for kids to make, low cost, nutritious and allergy friendly. I really wanted a recipe that taste great and suitable for everyone.

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Raspberry Coconut Overnight Oats

overnight oatsI love those extra long week end when you can enjoy a late breakfast with your family. This week end I wanted a special treat for breakfast. Something different to my usual home made sugar free muesli – yes I know I have to share the recipe too! So I did this raspberry coconut overnight oats recipe for breakfast. If you are always looking for new kids breakfast ideas this one is a must do! My little girl loves it. t is very simple to make and it takes only 5 minutes to process all the ingredients in a mixer. Then it required a little bit of patience because it has to stay a night in the fridge before being enjoyed. But the good thing is it required very cheap ingredients that we all have in our kitchen and it stores well in the refrigerator – for up to 2 days or probably more but we finished the whole batch within 2 days. So you can easily prepare a large batch and store for the next days.

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Bok Choy Curry Indian Style

vegetarian indian recipesDid you know that on 22th and 23rd October 2014 the indian community will celebrate the Diwali festival ? Diwali festival is one of the biggest indian celebration which is as much a festival of food as of light. So it is a perfect timing to prepare an easy indian curry recipe for this week end. My favourite indian curry recipe are the vegetarian curry recipes made with coconut cream. As I am not indian I asked my best indian friend to share with me her easiest vegetarian curry recipes. There is no way that I buy a indian curry paste from the supermarket! So the recipe she shared was an indian spinach dish. I chose to adapt the recipe and make it with bok choy for a change. First because it was cheaper to buy – only $2 for two bunches of bok choy in an West Auckland asian supermarket. Then I am not a big fan of cooked spinach because it gets very soft in curries compared to bok choy.

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Raw vegan bars

Raw vegan barsFor those who read me for a while you know that I am always on the look for new recipe ideas to make my little girl eat raw avocados. That is one of the reason why I developed this raw vegan bars with avocado. I mainly made the bottom layer with a mix of raw cocoa powder, dessicated coconut, almond butter and coconut oil – which is always the perfect ingredient for yummy raw baking. All those ingredient are coming from my favourite organic brand Ceres Organic.

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Sugar Free Lemon Pie

Sugar Free Lemon PieLemon Curd tart has always been my favourite dessert. However it took me 6 months before I managed to make the perfect sugar free lemon pie. This recipe has been tested by my French friends and they love it. The curd is quite acid as I used the equivalent of 5 fresh lemon. I will not lie to you I have been a bit lazy and I did not squeeze fresh lemons. Instead I used freshly squeezed lemon from Lemon Fresh which is a lovely natural 100% squeeze juice.
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Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast CookiesI am writing this post after a so relaxing one hour run when I tested the power of those  clean breakfast cookies on my body. A perfect refined sugar free breakfast recipes before a long run. I always run very early in the morning before 8.30 am about 2 or 3 times a week. But I found extremely difficult to eat a full breakfast before a long run. If I eat too much in the morning I feel heavy and I am having stomach cramps while running. So my method before a morning run is always the same now. I am drinking about 2 cups of water when I wake up – it sounds crazy but it activate my metabolism and give me a full hydration before having my morning coffee. Coffee is a dehydrating drink so having lots of water before is a good idea especially before running. Even if I am having a very clean diet I still can not start my day without a coffee. That is the only cup of coffee in the day where I add some milk about 1/4 cup for 1 cup of black coffee. I am mainly drinking calci-trim milk because it is low in fat – like lite milk – but also boosted in calcium. I also love variety in my morning and I switch with soy milk, almond milk and oat milk through the week. Those are better to control my carbohydrates intake but I still enjoy some cow milk few times a week.

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