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  • mug cake clean eating

    Sugar Free Coco Choco MugCake

    Who do not have an afternoon energy crash at work with a sugar craving feeling? Unfortunately most of us had this feeling at least one time a week. Some days you will manage to fix your craving with an apple or a banana but some...

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  • blueberry pie

    Blueberry Pie

    It is almost Christmas and I am still busy in the kitchen developing healthy baking recipes to enjoy with my family on Christmas day. Our favourite Christmas dessert is usually a Linzertorte.A Linzertorte is a crusty pie made with a nut crust using almon

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  • coconut pumpkin pie

    Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Frosting

    Last week I finally baked my first pumpkin pie. I know it sounds crazy that I never made a pumpkin pie before as it is one of the classic dessert pie in English speaking countries but it is actually not something we eat in France....

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