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  • waffle3

    Grain free banana waffles

    I do not have a full access to my kitchen until this week end so I can not use the oven. But it does not mean I am not baking anything! It is a perfect excuse to do waffles! I looooveee waffles for breakfast because it...

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  • bundt choco cake

    Chocolate Strawberry Christmas Bundt cake

    This post is about the recipe I will put on our table on Christmas day : mini chocolate strawberry bundt cakes. But before a little word about how I feel right now few weeks before Christmas. I really love Christmas countdown. Well I still can not...

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  • supercharged salads

    Grilled Chicken & Halloumi Superfood Salads

    This is one of my favourite salad for summer perfect to suit my clean eating lifestyle. I am currently training 3 times a week and this high protein salad –  low GI and low carb as well – is just perfect to refuel my body at...

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