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  • DSC_0029 cc

    Lemon Coconut Wholewheat Scones

    This is very exiting because it is the first scone recipe on the blog. After 2 years of blogging I never thought about posting a scone recipe. As I am baking a lot right now to develop a beautiful cookbook I took some time off...

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  • cauliflower pizza sticks

    Cheesy CauliBroccoli Garlic Breadsticks

        Who do not love garlic cheesy bread? I really do but there always too much carbs in the classic garlic bread recipe so I love to create a variation using cauliflower and broccoli instead of flour. This recipe is inspired by one of...

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  • DSC_0164 cc

    Raw Prunes & Cashew Granola bars

    Today I want to share a raw breakfast granola bar recipe that I very much love. Most of the time I eat those bars after a long run. I have not run for a while but since few weeks I am back on track and...

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